You’re so lucky!!!

We constantly receive questions and comments such as: 

  • How long have you been travelling for?
  • What’s your favourite place?
  • How much did your car cost to build?
  • Oh I’m so jealous you guys are so lucky!

Hang on what? What was that last one? We’re so lucky!? How? Because we worked our arses off to be here? 

So tell me how we are lucky? Is it because we walked away from two permanent, well paying jobs that we’d worked so hard for many years to build? Or is it because we gave up many life luxuries to be here? Or maybe it is the many expenses thrown at us including huge vehicle repair bills that ran into the several thousands of $ just weeks before departure? Or could it be that we are born into a country with the freedom to travel? Maybe true but how are we any different to the rest of the adult population in Australia? 

You could say that with both Tegan and I coming from families with plenty of background in travel it helped instill the wanderlust from an early age. This made the urge to leave the daily grind even stronger but trust me it didn’t make it any easier. 

So no before you say we are lucky, stop and have a think about it first and then ask yourself how we are any different. 

It might make some people feel warm and fuzzy to hear that they are lucky or be singled out from others but the reality is we are no different, we are just ordinary people and anyone can do what we’re doing. You’re unique, just like everyone else! 

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It’s never too late to sell up and go travel. Everyone thinks they’re locked into this life and they must work to build an empire where they can safely sit at the top when they’re old and “successful” and look down on us “lucky” ones. 

So what’s stopping you from you packing your bags and hitting the road? 

So to us the word ‘luck’ or ‘lucky’ mostly brings negative connatations but really – we are lucky to be alive! 


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