Who Are We

We are an Australian couple with a common interest of overlanding, travel, backpacking, camping and the wide open space of the outdoors. Our dog Marlee joins us on most of our adventures.

After talking about doing The Big Lap around Australia for almost 2 years now it’s finally not just a dream or something we talk about doing one day. We are set to depart on a year long trip going clockwise around Australia starting February 2017! So keep an eye on our blog here as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

MT & TM ???


Tegan Monttinen (TM) 


Born and based in Brisbane, Queensland, Tegan spent her childhood growing up on farms and properties camping, four wheel driving, hunting and riding motorbikes. This is where her love of the outdoors all started. Tegan is a Registered Nurse and up until recently been working at a major hospital in South East Queensland.

Adventure seeker who is a lover of nature, travel and the simple life. Turning a little more hippie everyday




Max Thomas (MT) 


Growing up on a farm in Northern NSW, Max has always loved the rural way of life and the desire to see the world. With a Civil Engineering and Surveying background Max has spent the past 8 years working in the underground utility industry.

Loves a challenging adventure or project. Always looking forward to sitting by the campfire with a cold beer watching the sun go down.





Marlee rides shotgun when mustering sheep
Marlee rides shotgun when mustering sheep

Marlee is a female 3 year old Australian Kelpie. She is a quiet happy dog who loves going on an adventure. You can often spot her head poking out the window of the Defender. Can be entertained with a stick or ball for hours.


Marlee asleep on the fridge in outback South Australia
Marlee asleep on the fridge in outback South Australia