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Just like that today marks 365 days since we began our travels around Australia! Leaving in February 2017 we had a big decision to make – where to go? We had already explored a large amount of Northern NSW (near home), we didn’t want to spend majority of our trip freezing our arses off down South, up North was in Wet season and we had previously explored Tasmania; so we thought why not head to beautiful WA!!! We had plans to meet up with family and friends in July for a once in a lifetime trip to Cape York. You might think we are absolutely crazy driving all that way, yes it added a few more KM’s, yes we technically ‘did’ the ‘Big Lap’ in 6 months, its definitely not the most ideal route but it also meant we had the most amazing time by chasing the seasons and it was what worked best for our plans at the time, we don’t regret a thing!


We originally intended 12 months on the road with a short pitstop in September for Tegan to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding and to take care of Max’s family farm while his parents would be travelling overseas.
Our time ‘at home’ was extended with us travelling to 4 other countries, Christmas/New Years with family and friends, celebrating 2 weddings, meeting 9 new babies etc etc you get the idea. Life just kept on producing some great moments to celebrate and funnily enough life still goes on whilst you’re away so there is plenty to catch up on. Which is part of the reason why this blog of overlanding Australia is 6 months overdue.
For some our trip may be incredibly cheap and others quite expensive, at the end of the day its whatever works for you! This is just a rough guide to give other travellers an idea of our costs WHILST on the road! It doesn’t include the huge expenses of purchasing the vehicle, modifications, vehicle setup, depreciation as well as pre and post car maintenance etc. This isn’t to crush anyone’s dreams, it may look cheap but  we aren’t ‘the lucky ones’, a lot of time, money and hardwork goes into a trip before you even leave which would be impossible to calculate completely.

🗺6 months (180 nights)
🚗 25,158 km’s
⛽3,310L of Diesel totalling $4,533 = $24.91/day
🏕$503 on accommodation (153 nights in free camps, 16 nights in cheap campsites & 11 nights in Caravan Parks/homesteads) = $0.30/day
🚗 $1245 in Car Maintenance (new auxiliary battery, new brake line, new clutch master cylinder, tyre puncture repair and general servicing) = $6.90/day

💲Total expenses: $16,534 (This includes all food, accommodation, mobile phone bills, grog, national park fees, car maintenance car rego, car insurance, activities, fishing rods/tackle/bait,  dog expenses and other miscellaneous items) = $91.85/day
👟 Favourite hike(s): Mitchell Falls, WA & climbing to the summit of the worlds largest rock – Mt Augustus, WA
👣 Favourite Places: Every place we visited is so unique and beautiful in its own way!!! But these are some of favourites so far:

  • Point Brown, SA
  • The Kimberleys, WA
  • Cape York, QLD
  • Steep Point, WA
  • The Pinnacles, WA
  • Karijini National Park, WA

💟 Most magical moment: Dingoes howling under the moonlight just metres from our hiking tent on The Nullabor Plain
😍 Best Apps: WikiCamps, Google Maps, HEMA Maps, Fuelio and Fuel Map Australia

Our best tips on how to travel on the cheap:

  • FREE camp as much as possible (we used Wikicamps to find most of these)
  • Minimal dining out (we prefer home cooked meals)
  • Do your own laundry
  • Instead of paying for showers, have a simple camp shower
  • Do laundry, showering when water is readily available (near town water supply or access to creeks to collect water)
  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy plenty of frozen fruit & veggies, non perishables for when fresh food supplies run out
  • Run a freezer (we would do a big grocery shop every 3 weeks) so you aren’t paying higher prices in small/remote towns
  • Use crowd sourced fuel price apps like Fuel Map Australia to track the cheapest fuel. We would fill 3 jerry cans (60L) along with the fuel tank when fuel was cheapest rather than paying sky high prices at the next fuel stop

As for where to next – the car is packed, we are have the itchiest of feet but our fridge is still being repaired after 6 weeks! Stay tuned for more to come

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