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Spirit of tasmania ferry travel tips

Thinking of visiting Tasmania? Do you want to take your vehicle with you? 

In 2015 we spent a few weeks travelling Tasmania. We absolutely loved it there and recommend it to anyone especially if you can take your own vehicle to take your time to explore at your own pace. We have put together a few tips to get you started for the first and most important part – getting there!

To get your vehicle to Tassie from the mainland you must book the ferry with Spirit Of Tasmania. Check out some of our tips for travelling on the Spirit Of Tasmania (mostly Melbourne to Tasmania as that’s what most of you will be doing first).

enjoying tasmania
Enjoying the beautiful cliffs on Maria Island, Tasmania

Tips for travelling to Tassie on the Spirit Of Tasmania ferry:

  1. ​Book a return ticket even if you decide to change your return date. Some people get over there and then can’t come back for weeks till there’s an available spot.
  2. Check what you can and can’t take on board – jerry cans, gas bottles, some foods, firewood. Don’t forget the food in your fridge. If you have banned items still in your car collect them up and put them in a bag ready to throw into the quarantine bins.
  3. Make sure your car is clean with no mud or seeds especially when you’re heading to Tasmania as their quarantine laws are quite strict.
  4. Get there early and expect to be in your car in the line/quarantine for a long time (carry snacks and drinks).
  5. Have everything accessible (they will check everywhere for banned items), remove padlocks etc to make the process quick.
  6. Book an overnight passage so you arrive early morning ready to explore Tassie.
  7. Book a cabin, sleeping in a chair is not ideal and the cost isn’t much more for a cabin. You also have your own bathroom with toilet and shower.
  8. If you book a cabin for an overnight passage don’t bother with booking one with a porthole because you won’t see anything once underway.
  9. Lock your car with the key rather than remote so the alarm doesn’t go off with the ship movement.
  10. Check what time they are letting the first level of vehicles off and set your alarm in time to be ready. They pick the level that will be first off when they arrive so you have to be ready to go especially if your car is blocking others in.
  11. Check and double check your vehicle dimensions (they pack the vehicles in tight and need to know where to put your vehicle). They can and do refuse vehicles oversize.
  12. Take a bag of items you need through the journey because once you leave your vehicle you can’t go back. Don’t forget any medication or phone chargers etc you might need on the journey.
  13. If you do a night passage, there isn’t much time to have breakfast on board prior to disembarking (depending on what time you get up and what time they call your level). Take some snacks to get you started when you wake up and then grab a nice breaky from a cafe once you’re in Devenport.
  14. When you go to collect your car on disembarkment make sure you press the door button (green) quite hard to open the door to the garage.
  15. If you have battery draining devices connected to your start battery on your car make sure you disable them before boarding the ship. You don’t want to come out to drive off and find your car won’t start and you are holding everyone behind you up.
  16. Check you’ve got plenty of fuel in your fuel tank. You wouldn’t want to run out of fuel in the queue.
  17. If you drink alcohol on the ship be careful you aren’t over the limit prior to driving as there are often police breathtesting as people drive off the ship. 
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vehicle loaded spirit of tasmania ferry
In the ships hull, the Defender will be tied down while we sleep snug in our cabin for the night journey


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