Running Water

​We have running water again! Since getting the car back from the mechanics we have been working like mad to finish all the jobs before we leave. Jobs that can be done on the road will just have to wait though. We can’t wait to get the wheels rolling!

We chose to keep things simple with a hand operated water pump.

That way there is less to go wrong and we can still get water without any electrical issue. It also means installation can be a much simpler process.

Our hand water pump of choice is the Fynspray Galley Pump at $84. They are a quality pump made in New Zealand. The spout can be turned a full 360° which is handy to tuck away when not in use. Spares can also be purchased to repair the pump if seals wear out etc. The pump is double action (pumps water on both up and down strokes).
Built strong from plastic and stainless steel these pumps are intended for marine use and can even pump saltwater so we’re hoping this pump should last us quite some time.

The pump body is a standard size and requires a 1¼” (32mm) hole to fit the thread through and a locknut tightened below. We made up a bracket to mount it to the side wall inside the rear of our Defender because we don’t have a benchtop or sink that these are normally intended for. The inlet hose needs to be ½” (12-13mm) to fit onto the barb connector.


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