Going nowhere until the car is fixed 

So replacing the fuel pump turned out not to be the issue with the Defender cutting out when under load. Tomorrow we’re back on a tow truck and off to a Land Rover specialist. Unfortunately the cause is still unknown and I simply don’t have the test tools or know enough about this engine to narrow it down any further. 

Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up too expensive to repair. We sure could have done without this especially with only a few weeks before our departure date. 


Nourishing the soul ?

Sunrise on ‘Big Red’, Simpson Desert 

Travelling overland as a girl has always been ‘normal’ to me! Ever since I can remember every school holidays we would pack up our lives into a camper trailer, all pile into the forbey and take off to some coastal island or rural property for weeks at a time. Continue reading “Nourishing the soul ?”

New Redarc Battery Management System is out!

Redarc The Manager BMS1215S3
The new Redarc BMS1215S3 looks good. I like the idea of Green Power Priority where it chooses Solar input over AC input, that’s one thing I Continue reading “New Redarc Battery Management System is out!”