Nourishing the soul ?

Sunrise on ‘Big Red’, Simpson Desert 

Travelling overland as a girl has always been ‘normal’ to me! Ever since I can remember every school holidays we would pack up our lives into a camper trailer, all pile into the forbey and take off to some coastal island or rural property for weeks at a time. My childhood was beaches with no lifeguards, target shooting by day and hunting after dark, bush bashing in a dead beat of a car, thrashing around dirtbikes and at the end of the day climbing into your swag with your favourite sleeping bag.

Spending hours in this car with my brother sitting on cushions so we could reach the steering
As sisters we do dirtbike dates instead of coffee dates

As some of you read that and get a cold shudder just imagining living with the land, I understand travelling how Max and I do isn’t everyones cup of tea. However, for me overlanding is where the magic happens! To be fully immersed in the bush without a bar of reception, wifi to tap into or a car or streetlight in sight is deeply refreshing. To be able to lay by the campfire listening to it crackle whilst taking in the vast universe we live in is truly magical. For me, being able to explore beautiful rainforests, hike to the edges of the Earth, drive across the barren of barren lands and camp under the stars is the best soul nourishing food around.

Using all 4s to scramble up Mt Amos, Freycinet, Tasmania

Dont get me wrong, boy oh boy is it challenging! Not being able to shower for days at a time due to water being few and far between, setting up the rooftop in terrential rain, using a full can of dry shampoo before you can wash it out or even having enough COLD water in the fridge before guzzling it down due to 40+° temperatures. Somehow though Max and I always come out stronger, probably both a bit hairer and smellier but deeply satisfied with the fact we can be so self sufficent with nothing more than the gear in our Defender.

I hope something has sparked inside you and made you want to adventure more than ever! Go on, chuck on those boots, hit the road and go and nourish that soul!
TM ?

Montezuma Falls, Tasmania

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