Go and catch that dream 

 MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! When the idea for us to travel Oz first popped into our mind many moons ago our wallets were still very, very empty.

Considering one of the key essentials to preparing for a successful trip is deciding on how you are going to fund your costs on the road, we had a LOT of planning ahead of us. Not only do we want enough coin to ensure we dont become stranded whilst on the road before we can line up work but we still want to be able to enjoy life and celebrate those special moments before we say farewell.

With all those necessary expenses before you hit the road like rent, bills & car costs just to name a few, it can be a very intimidating and anxiety inducing topic. With all those well documented ways to save money like not buying takeout, holding back on those new clothes or not lashing out on books or magazines, I decided it was time to try something new!

Considering the festive season is just around the corner, my latest hobby and money saving idea had been making my own presents! By going on a journey to make my dreamcatchers not only do you get to learn a new skill but it also adds a personal touch to your prezzie. Youll help save on those extravagant instore gifts ideas and you may even suprise yourself with your new skills.

Regardless of its form every little bit of savings counts. So why not get out there, try that new hobby youve always wanted and you may even find a few spare coins in your pockets!
So, get out there and catch that dream!!!
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