Light Stand/Tripod

When overlanding you want to keep items to a minimum to save on space and more importantly weight, I like things we carry to have a double purpose where possible.

I modified an LED light to fit onto the camera tripod. This now gives us a

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Map & 240V Power Outlet

​Behind Tegan’s seat is the fridge cabinet, we decided to make use of the flat surface with a map of Australia just in case we get lost 🙂

Below the map we have a 240V powerboard to plug in our devices on the road while connected to the inverter or plug it into mains power when it is available.

New Redarc Battery Management System is out!

Redarc The Manager BMS1215S3
The new Redarc BMS1215S3 looks good. I like the idea of Green Power Priority where it chooses Solar input over AC input, that’s one thing I Continue reading “New Redarc Battery Management System is out!”