You’re so lucky!!!

We constantly receive questions and comments such as: 

  • How long have you been travelling for?
  • What’s your favourite place?
  • How much did your car cost to build?
  • Oh I’m so jealous you guys are so lucky!

Hang on what? What was that last one? We’re so lucky!? How? Because we worked our arses off to be here? 

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Your 4-legged best friend and National Parks

How we still visit National Parks whilst travelling around Australia with a dog – what are your options!


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Our first puncture!

After more than 60,000km on this set of BF Goodrich KO tyres we got our first puncture. Most likely from a sharp rock, I’d say prior damage from The Gibb River Road over the past few weeks.

First puncture in over 60,000km!

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Light Stand/Tripod

When overlanding you want to keep items to a minimum to save on space and more importantly weight, I like things we carry to have a double purpose where possible.

I modified an LED light to fit onto the camera tripod. This now gives us a

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Defender gets a name

The Defender gets a name and a whiteboard installed on the dash. 

We named our Defender Charlie. We decided to make a whiteboard out of a piece of perspex. Here we can write notes while on the road such as jobs to be done or things to buy etc. We have used some velcro to fix it to the dash so we can pull it off to write on it.