Travel Stats & Expenses|Overlanding Australia

Just like that today marks 365 days since we began our travels around Australia! Leaving in February 2017 we had a big decision to make – where to go? We had already explored a large amount of Northern NSW (near home), we didn’t want to spend majority of our trip freezing our arses off down South, up North was in Wet season and we had previously explored Tasmania; so we thought why not head to beautiful WA!!! We had plans to meet up with family and friends in July for a once in a lifetime trip to Cape York. You might think we are absolutely crazy driving all that way, yes it added a few more KM’s, yes we technically ‘did’ the ‘Big Lap’ in 6 months, its definitely not the most ideal route but it also meant we had the most amazing time by chasing the seasons and it was what worked best for our plans at the time, we don’t regret a thing!


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Your 4-legged best friend and National Parks

How we still visit National Parks whilst travelling around Australia with a dog – what are your options!


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Nourishing the soul ?

Sunrise on ‘Big Red’, Simpson Desert 

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